Caroline Day

Coached Athlete | Wellness

I started with the TotalCyclist coaching program in April 2017, initially 'just' to get ready for two large cycling events that summer. I was delighted that Christy Keely (Rocket) agreed to take me on - and I had no idea of the journey I was about to begin……….


Donna Zurawski

Coached Athlete | Wellness

I began my biking journey in 2012 when I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. My goal at that time was simple: to lose weight and eat healthier. After struggling for 4 years on my own, I found TotalCyclist in 2016…..


Jamie Belongea

DivaCamp Experience

DivaCamp was a magical elixir of skilled coaches and nutritionists, passionate cyclists and challenging routes.

Diva Camp provided a full immersion experience that allowed me to focus on mental and physical technique. The active radio-based coaching was highly effective in guiding me through adjustments on the bike and giving me an immediate sense of the power of slight modifications in my position……

Kathi Katko

Coached Athlete | Wellness

I started with TotalCyclist after having back surgery in 2018. I needed a plan to get back to health and wellness. The interventions I thought were impactful: the nutrition guidance and constant feedback, being able to take a picture of my meal and get quick feedback if it was good or I needed to add something…..

MaryAnn McGarity

Coached Athlete | Wellness

During the time I was working with TotalCyclist, I sometimes ate 5 eggs a day. Kinda busts the eggs and cholesterol myth.

Helpful interventions - although I stayed injured most of our time together and not able to fully take advantage of everything included in the coaching (broken foot, strained knee then sprained knee and the numbness down the right side during running)….


Ashley McFeeley

Wellness Athlete | Type 1 diabetic

Favorite changes:
- a1c went from 9.7 to 6.8 consistently
- thyroid levels have gotten better
- weight dropped from 183 to 165 and still going