Maryann McGarity 


Here’s my Labs!

As far as the labs go - BP stayed stable, 120/74.. The big change in numbers came from cholesterol and A!C.

Pre-Rocket: Cholesterol 280, Triglycerides 143; HDL 53, LDL 198. HBA1C 6.5; Fasting Glucose 129
During Rocket: Cholesterol 204, Triglycerides 102; HDL 62; LDL 122; HBA1C 5.7; Fasting Glucose 103

During the time I was working with TotalCyclist, I sometimes ate 5 eggs a day. Kinda busts the eggs and cholesterol myth

Maryann before she hired TotalCyclist

Maryann before she hired TotalCyclist

Helpful interventions - although I stayed injured most of our time together and not able to fully take advantage of everything included in the coaching (broken foot, strained knee then sprained knee and the numbness down the right side during running), you found a way for me to get some exercise in and continue with the weight loss although it was slow. Texting pictures of what I ate was extremely helpful along with weighing every morning (which I hated), providing me with the proper nutrition of how to fuel my body (giving us sugar was HUGE - I'm convinced it's evil and studies show it's more addictive than cocaine), shutting the kitchen at 7:00. These "rules" continue to guide me today.. Your feedback and suggestions when I said I had the swimgries (swim hangry) was valuable. Open communication as to how I felt, what I thought was working, guidance when weight loss would stall to get the scale to moving again It was not a static approach. You were always working my nutrition and workouts (limited as they were) in order to keep the scale moving downward. I'm not much for reflections so I didn't think that added any particular value to the coaching for me I'm sure it works for most.

I hope this is helpful to you. Thanks again for your words. I still remember what sold me on you. No one had ever said anything like this to me at all - "it's not your fault you're overweight. It's someone's job to make food taste so good . . ."

The accountability and ease of communication through text. The training plan was great but the explanations and reasoning behind the plan gave me better understanding and insight. The guidance for the lifestyle change has been the most important. I know I can eat what I want, but the weight of whether it’s worth the calories or if just loved something…. verses impulse eating and cravings. It gave me a better understanding of my body and how to fuel it. I would never have come so far, so quickly without my TC coach and support. Now I am back on my bike and happy with my riding and my health. Thank you!