I started with TotalCyclist…

after having back surgery in 2018. I needed a plan to get back to health and wellness. The interventions I thought were impactful: the nutrition guidance and constant feedback, being able to take a picture of my meal and get quick feedback if it was good or I needed to add something

KK before….

KK before….

The accountability and ease of communication through text. The training plan was great but the explanations and reasoning behind the plan gave me better understanding and insight. The guidance for the lifestyle change has been the most important. I know I can eat what I want, but the weight of whether it’s worth the calories or if just loved something…. verses impulse eating and cravings. It gave me a better understanding of my body and how to fuel it. I would never have come so far, so quickly without my TC coach and support. Now I am back on my bike and happy with my riding and my health. Thank you!