Jamie Belongea


DivaCamp was a magical Elixir…

of skilled coaches and nutritionists, passionate cyclists and challenging routes.

Diva Camp provided a full immersion experience that allowed me to focus on mental and physical technique. The active radio-based coaching was highly effective in guiding me through adjustments on the bike and giving me an immediate sense of the power of slight modifications in my position.

Diva Camp truly addresses the 'total cyclist' via a holistic approach to nutrition, cycling technique, mental attitude and recovery. The coaches and nutritionists actively and uniquely engaged with each participant to learn about individual goals and blockers. Through their years of experience, they were able to customize the individual action plans, while seamlessly managing the full group dynamic.

The lessons learned in Diva Camp are immediately relevant and impactful. Fine-tuning head position during a descent, improving efficiency over a long ride, positioning my body for a steep gravel climb and so many more. The nutritional insights - what, why, how, when - were incredibly impactful in helping with overall health and recovery. The mental conditioning through a persistent positive tone in conversations with coaches and participants was also something I carried forward.