Dude and DivaDay Camp

How to climb better

Greenville, SC, USA


September 21st, 2019

Diva and Dude Day Camp

Diva and Dude Day Camp

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Want a Chance to win a pair of Boyd Cycling Wheels?

Who: TotalCyclist Coaches and amazing Divas..

What: You can be a walking pair of lungs atop a set of monster quads and still struggle up climbs without the right pacing, approach, and technique. Maestros of the mountains ascend with such grace and ease by employing these mental strategies along with smart technique. Here’s how to pull it all together. Join us at TotalCyclist Climbing Camps!

You will climb the famed Paris Mtn. Who’s going to attend? Anyone who wants to climb and descend BETTER! We have all the tools you need to scale any heights and descend like a Falcon!

Pedal up this!

Pedal up this!


Location:Greenville, SC Boyd Cycling



  • Yes, you to can climb fast

  • Gearing and how it plays a part

  • How to strength train for climbing.

  • Stand? Sit? Accelerate..

  • The approach to long climbs vs short ones.


1 day

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