DivaDay Camp

What Next?

Charlotte, NC, USA


May 11th, 2019

DivaDay Camp

DivaDay Camp

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Who: TotalCyclist Coaches and amazing Divas..

What: Oiiiii!! You have just finished training and preparing for your first ever event. Now what? Do you keep training? Do you give it up?

Coming off your first event…it’s always very difficult to plan your next strategic move. Let us guide you in the proper ways to pick your next event, how to get ready for it and much much more.



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Location:Charlotte Touchstone



  • Are you stuck in a rut

  • Just finished your first event and now what?

  • How to “periodize” your training

  • Road, triathlon or running next?

  • More!


1 day

If a registered rider has to cancel for any reason, their deposit may not be refunded depending on when they
cancel. Additional cancellation fees may also apply.

Cancellation Fees:
• Deposit is non-refundable.
For a 50% refund of accommodation fees, cancellation must be made 60 full days prior to check in time (11:00 AM EDT) on the day of check in. If you cancel less than 60 days in advance, the nights not spent are not refunded. If you arrive and decide to leave early, the nights not spent are not refunded.

TotalCyclist reserves the right to cancel a camp. We will do so at least 60 days
prior to the beginning of the camp. In this event, registered participants will be issued a full refund. TotalCyclist is not
responsible for fees associated with planning the trip, such as airfare.
All fees will be applied to the camp for which the person is registered. If a registered individual has to cancel for any
the reason, their deposit, and all subsequent payments will be applied to the camp for which they have
registered and cannot be transferred to an alternate camp.
Exceptions to this policy cannot be made for any reason, including weather or personal

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