Which one of these is your blueprint to success?

Our coaching programs are designed to meet the need of anyone trying to be better in their sport OR wellness. Our clients range from recreational enthusiasts to world class professional athletes, highly active to sedentary, infirmed to healthy. We want you to be the TotalPackage.. All of our coaching programs are based on our 4-Point Methodology: Assess, Prepare, Implement, Succeed.

Our wellness coaching/seminars/ helps their clients with the development of sustainable strategies to bring overall wellness, health, and well-being in your life. ... Wellness coaching is the collaboration between one of our great coaches and you to achieve goals.Wellness coaches provide highly personalized help. Are you have a hard time making healthy changes? We have the answer. You need someone in your life to give you the support to live a stress-free, healthy, focused, and empowered life.

Let us guide you in managing home, work and social life as well as maintaining a healthy life or a training schedule. The planning, goal-setting and interaction with our stable of coaches gives you the guidance, structure and performance evaluation you need to succeed.

Who we coach? Pro’s to sedentary. Sick to healthy. We want you to be the TotalPackage.

Nutrition | Health | Wellness

(group and individual)

Personal Coaching

(cycling, triathlon, running, motorsports)


Exclusive 650$+/month

Picture says it all. Do you want to be a champion? Get this program! Customize the coaching plan YOU WANT? It’s customized details and coaching make this the creme de la creme!

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 3.15.00 PM.png

Premium PLUS 500$/month

Want to “shred” the competition? This is our highest non-custom coaching program. We offer great coach/athlete communication and constant updates on YOUR training. PREMIUM PLUS is a fantastic program!


Premium 350$/month

Do you want the feeling of victory? The Premium Program is for athletes who want to get more from their training program with increased athlete-coach interaction.


Corporate |Group Wellness

Hire Dr. Christy Keely and TotalCyclist Founder Chad Andrews to get your crew back right!

Personal Wellness

We use our multiple step approach to helping you become the best version of you!!!


Nutrition PLUS 200$+/month + food cost

Everything in the monthly subscription, but includes personalized instacart shopping (where available)

Think Blue Apron, but tailored to your goals and needs. I take the recipes created and the taste preferences you want, and shop for you online to save you time.


Nutrition 150$+/month

1 hour consult per week, unlimited email contact

Recipe Creations, questions and customization

(have a favorite dish you want customize? Don't know what to cook for holiday? Need ideas for new food items?)... you have a personal chef on standby ready to help!


$300 Monthly

Premium Plus

$500 Monthly


$650+ Monthly

Training Management      
Free Training Peaks software Yes Yes Yes
Power File Analysis -- Yes Yes
Monthly Training Update 4 4 8 Unlimited
Ride with coach Training Consult -- -- -- 1

Client-Initiated Contact        
Email Update 5 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Per day Text Contact 1 1 2 Unlimited
Consult *(Coach and client initiated) 1 1 2 Unlimited*

Training Center Services        
Indoor Training Classes 20% off classes (annual 59$)
Bike Fit/Gait Analysis -- -- 1/yr 2/yr
Lactate Threshold Assessment 1 1 1 4
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