DudeCamp? DivaCamp? Even more.....!


Bourbon and bikes

Bourbon and bikes

Coming This Fall….

We (@TotalCyclist) have been asked over the years on why we just have cycling camps for “Women”. Truth be told, we’ve never had a women’s only policy, it was just that we felt that there was, and still is, a tremendous niche in the growing population that is female cycling.

Men, and women, have attended DivaCamps in the past. Now we feel it’s time for a unique concept. WE will call it Dude Camp. Here’s the rub. All of camps are NON exclusive. Yes, we realize that women do enjoy the company of other female cyclists when riding. We also realize that men enjoy the company of other men. when riding. Half wheel the hell out of each other. (Men and women).

Coming in the next few months is a new property, in the high mountains, that TotalCyclist will be using for some really challenging climbing camps. This will be for women, men, couples and a mix.

For continuity sake we will offer several different kinds of Camps.

DudeCamp: Kind of a Beer, bourbon, bikes, for the gentlemen.

DivaCamp: This continues the concept of www.divacyclingcamp.com

Dudes and Divas: This will be .a huge mix of camps that would appeal to both! Running, cycling, triathlon and more. These will be half, one, and several day camps.

So, if you and your friends. (Dudes of Divas) want to have an epic experience with the best coaching team for any kind of Camp…reach out to us. We value suggestions on types of camps as well.


Thanks much!


Katko's Korner: My Road to recovery

My road to recovery. I am learning The Why? for everything! Why am I craving chocolate? Why am I craving pizza? Is it because I am tired? Dehydrated? Need salt? Hungry? There is an answer to everything, it just has to be figured out. When I am tired I crave everything. I have learned that if I eat my healthy salad with pink salt and olive oil at lunch, my cravings will decrease or go away. So I need salt! when I am tired. If I am craving chocolate, I'm stressed.

Alder Is Awesome: The Power of Positive Self Talk

Alder Is Awesome: The Power of Positive Self Talk

I was recently talking with a friend about the power of the mind, how attitudes are self fulfilling prophecies. How a mindset going into and during an interval or a hard moment can set one up for success or failure.

You can defeat the pesky voices that say it’s too hard. You have the power to achieve the mental toughness that is revered in endurance sports. It all begins with staying positive.

Katko's Corner: Ups and Downs

Katko's Corner: Ups and Downs

The past few weeks have had some highs and lows. My exercise and progress were going well when I moved wrong and had increased back pain! PANIC!! My wonderful TC coach talked me off the ledge! I backed off on my activity a lot for a few days and things got better. I felt like I had taken a few steps BACKWARDS after making such good progress. I talked with my coach about the other ways I’ve made tons of progress, my waist is smaller,