Reaching the top or falling short?

Success. How do you measure it. How do you quantify it? This is such a huge question and the answers…well can be tricky. We find in our daily lives or in training that sometimes success …just can’t be quantified.

TotalCyclist Camps has really been on a growth trajectory. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad. I wanted to really develop a sense and a pulse of where the camps stand in our business. So, I decided to challenge the biggest asset to our Camps…Dr. Christy (Rocket) Keely…to her discomfort zone. Unknown!

I received 2 round trip tickets to Mexico because of a Snafu from last years trip. So, tying in the Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo (Dallas TX) into this trip made it a smart move on our part. Rocket was not told very much about the trip. There was a reason. I wanted to see her reactions to some of the plans that I was making. I wanted it to be VERY much like a TotalCyclist Camp. Everything planned out from the staff side, but yet the Campers really don’t KNOW what we will be doing on a daily basis.

My goal was to have a Diva/DudeCamp experience for the staff to see what our thoughts were and how we can change and adapt to make the camps even BETTER!

The base of Izta. 3rd highest climb in Mexico: 17, 160 feet.

The base of Izta. 3rd highest climb in Mexico: 17, 160 feet.

We hired a guide. SMART! Started from Mexico City at 5am. (Not smart, no likey early early mornings) The base was about 2 hours from Mexico City. Immediately getting out of the car you could feel: The chill and the altitude. There were 7 of us total, including the guides. The goal for the day was to try something out of character and get some input from others on what we can do to make our Adventure Camps even better. This Volcano took it to the Nth degree.

Rocket wasn’t prepared and I failed to prepare her accordingly. Surprises are great if they are followed up with a preparation and a plan. Fail: 1 Success: 1.

We started the climb up…and up and straight out of the gate is was really …really UP!

Rocket wasn’t prepared and I failed to prepare her accordingly. Surprises are great if they are followed up with a preparation and a plan. Fail: 1 Success: 1.


We started the climb up…and up and straight out of the gate is was really …really UP!

We managed to keep pushing towards what my goal was: /The Highest point for a one day hike. Climb from “The feet to almost the head”.

We negotiated many different micro-climates and the climbing was challenging. Very much so. Lot’s of stop and go to recollect anyone who was dragging a bit. Frankly, at one point we were all dragging!! Our guide did say he was impressed with our fitness but not sure if that was a atta boy or really we were doing something.

I have to give it to the Divas and Rocket. Rocket didn’t have the correct hiking shoes and INSISTED on carrying the backpack. Very similar to what the Divas would do!

Fail: 1 Success: 2

After 3 hours we finally reached the highest spot for a one day hike. We saw a cute little, I mean LITTLE mouse who was foraging for food. WE obliged :)

Fail: 1 Success: 3

Now it was time to descend. WOAH. That was a challenge in its’ own right. This is where climbing and hiking gear were critical. HELMETS! I found myself leaning back to keep from falling forwards. Rocket had to REALLY focus with tennis shoes on. I really should have prepared her better with hiking shoes!

Fail: 2 Success 3

The biggest challenge was the first 750 meters. Rocks, Scree, slippery slopes and more. But it was surely a big rush. We started picking up speed and managed to negotiate the entire hike in 5 “ish” hours. Maybe more.

Fail 2 Success 4.

If you EVER get the chance. Go climb it. It’s so beautiful and somewhat liberating. Hat’s off to our guide and fellow hikers/climbers on an amazing experience.

Do NOT make these Summer mistakes


Don't let SUMMER get you.

5 tips:

  1. Don't do the same rides or runs with the same people each week. Yes, our sport is friendly, but doing the same thing every week will just make you "average"

  2. Hydrate, but don't OVER hydrate. Overhydration can lead to imbalances in your body.

  3. Know your "Sweat Loss" Here's a detailed one.

  4. Be careful on high sugar drinks that can actually make you MORE thirsty or upset your stomach!

  5. Train indoors! Why? You can control the environment better, control sweat loss and actually go harder during your intervals because core temp is stabilized!

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meditation for performance

 meditation for performance

Hello all. Well, let us introduce you to some “Hippie Shit”. Yeah, that’s what one of our clients called it. Guess what? It works.

According to Zuberant life…on a recent look into meditation for endurance athletes it does several things:

Look at Katko now!!!

Look at Katko now!!!

My road to recovery. I am learning The Why? for everything! Why am I craving chocolate? Why am I craving pizza? Is it because I am tired? Dehydrated? Need salt? Hungry? There is an answer to everything, it just has to be figured out. When I am tired I crave everything. I have learned that if I eat my healthy salad with pink salt and olive oil at lunch, my cravings will decrease or go away. So I need salt! when I am tired. If I am craving chocolate, I'm stressed.

Winnicki joins TotalCyclist

Winnicki joins TotalCyclist

Alex Winnicki joins TotalCyclist as Dietetics and Nutrition specialist:

Alex Winnicki, after a very successful venture as DivaCamp chef, joins the TotalCyclist staff. Alex was instrumental in making the DivaCamp menu a smashing hit. He prepared all the meals , tailored made for the endurance athlete. Clean, healthy and organic.

The Science Behind TotalCyclist Part II

The Science Behind TotalCyclist Part II

Welcome back to part two of the TotalCyclist winter training study!


In the first post I spoke about the goals of the study, what I hoped to achieve, and the results of what happened. Now I’d like to elaborate on my thoughts about the project and the limitations involved. To begin, there will always be limitations to studies both professional and non-professional. My project was not an exception to this. The most apparent limit that is noticeable from the gathered data is the lack in attendance consistency. Before beginning the project I knew there would be those who wouldn’t be able to attend every class due to work, illness, vacation, or other unforeseen circumstances. That said, to have athletes missing approximately half of the series as well as athletes leaving early from class before I have taken their vitals was unforeseen.

Blackstock team wins Pisgah Stage race!

Blackstock team wins Pisgah Stage race!

The Pisgah Stage race is a 5 day timed stage race in the Pisgah National Forest. Pisgah has some of the most extreme, steep, technical, gnarly demanding singletrack in the country, oh, and it's in a rainforest. It's no joke, the climbing is brutally steep and you get zero rest on the descents that are equally as hard. You can't lose focus for a second, or you may end up like one of the teams that raced, walking your mountain bike out of the forest in two pieces!