The Science Behind TotalCyclist Part II

The Science Behind TotalCyclist Part II

Welcome back to part two of the TotalCyclist winter training study!


In the first post I spoke about the goals of the study, what I hoped to achieve, and the results of what happened. Now I’d like to elaborate on my thoughts about the project and the limitations involved. To begin, there will always be limitations to studies both professional and non-professional. My project was not an exception to this. The most apparent limit that is noticeable from the gathered data is the lack in attendance consistency. Before beginning the project I knew there would be those who wouldn’t be able to attend every class due to work, illness, vacation, or other unforeseen circumstances. That said, to have athletes missing approximately half of the series as well as athletes leaving early from class before I have taken their vitals was unforeseen.

Blackstock team wins Pisgah Stage race!

Blackstock team wins Pisgah Stage race!

The Pisgah Stage race is a 5 day timed stage race in the Pisgah National Forest. Pisgah has some of the most extreme, steep, technical, gnarly demanding singletrack in the country, oh, and it's in a rainforest. It's no joke, the climbing is brutally steep and you get zero rest on the descents that are equally as hard. You can't lose focus for a second, or you may end up like one of the teams that raced, walking your mountain bike out of the forest in two pieces!

The Science Behind TotalCyclist Part I

The Science Behind TotalCyclist Part I

Life is a river, a beginning, an end, and a million different ways in-between. I was fortunate enough to add another bend in my river this winter with an internship at TotalCyclist for part two of the 2019 Winter Series. As a student at UNC Charlotte within the Exercise Science department, my final semester before my Exercise Physiology licensure requires a 340-hour internship of my choosing. With my passion of cycling mixed with a love of physiology, TotalCyclist was a perfect fit.

Racers in India - The different ways to the top

Cycling in India is being loved by commuters and racers alike. A lot of the population enjoys this way of fitness.

The road racing community is growing and a lot of riders look for various opportunities to make a living out of racing in India, only to fizzle out in the larger scheme of things as the sport is at a very growing stage in the country.

DudeCamp? DivaCamp? Even more.....!


Bourbon and bikes

Bourbon and bikes

Coming This Fall….

We (@TotalCyclist) have been asked over the years on why we just have cycling camps for “Women”. Truth be told, we’ve never had a women’s only policy, it was just that we felt that there was, and still is, a tremendous niche in the growing population that is female cycling.

Men, and women, have attended DivaCamps in the past. Now we feel it’s time for a unique concept. WE will call it Dude Camp. Here’s the rub. All of camps are NON exclusive. Yes, we realize that women do enjoy the company of other female cyclists when riding. We also realize that men enjoy the company of other men. when riding. Half wheel the hell out of each other. (Men and women).

Coming in the next few months is a new property, in the high mountains, that TotalCyclist will be using for some really challenging climbing camps. This will be for women, men, couples and a mix.

For continuity sake we will offer several different kinds of Camps.

DudeCamp: Kind of a Beer, bourbon, bikes, for the gentlemen.

DivaCamp: This continues the concept of

Dudes and Divas: This will be .a huge mix of camps that would appeal to both! Running, cycling, triathlon and more. These will be half, one, and several day camps.

So, if you and your friends. (Dudes of Divas) want to have an epic experience with the best coaching team for any kind of Camp…reach out to us. We value suggestions on types of camps as well.

Thanks much!