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October 12, 2019



TotalCyclist Announces Tonya Clark as new Personal Coach



Charlotte, NCTotalCyclist is pleased to announce that Tonya Clark has joined the Personal Coaching Staff at TotalCyclist, effective immediately.


Tonya has always been very athletic and spent a lifetime participating in many different team sports before being introduced to the world of triathlons at the age of 42.

In 2015, she completed the Ramblin Rose super sprint triathlon after training with Tri It For Life and was hooked! She wanted to get faster on the bike, so she joined TotalCyclist as an athlete and after only a year she saw the amazing difference the program made. She has since then completed many different cycling events; swim races and triathlons including several 70.3 distance triathlons and will be moving on to the 140.6-mile full Ironman distance with TotalCyclist in her toolkit.   She believed in the TotalCyclist program so much that in December 2017 she joined the staff as a coach, at the Touchstone location, to help give back everything she has learned.

As a mentor for Tri It For Life, she enjoys introducing women to a healthier lifestyle by training for their first triathlon and as a coach for TotalCyclist, She loves helping people move to the next level. With firsthand experience, she champions that TotalCyclist is for everyone and not just the elite athlete.

When Tonya is not swimming, biking or running, she loves to hike and recently was introduced to backpacking.  So, if she is not training or coaching, she will probably be camping in the woods somewhere.

Tonya: “I am very excited about becoming a Personal Coach with TotalCyclist. I have seen this program change lives and help people achieve their personal goals. I can't wait to be a part of the team that makes those dreams happen”

TotalCyclist Co-Owner Chad Andrews: “ We are very excited to have Tonya come aboard as a Personal Coach. She will be instrumental in developing our wellness and endurance coaching. Tonya showed us just how passionate she was about working with people, as a Training Center Coach. We are very happy she is now a Personal Coach.”

TotalCyclist is your premier multi-sport training resource. We offer a variety of services that will make you a better, faster and smarter endurance athlete. We are very particular about “Creating Exceptional Experiences” through Wellness and Lifestyle enhancement. 

Contact: or 704.376.7006


Look at Katko now!!!

Look at Katko now!!!

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