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TotalCyclist adds Personal Coach: Jeremy Walton

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October 16, 2019







Charlotte, NCTotalCyclist is pleased to announce that Jeremy Walton has joined the Personal Coaching Staff at TotalCyclist, effective immediately.


Jeremy was raised in the pool and grew up with chlorine in his blood, so it makes perfect sense that 11 years ago he did his first sprint triathlon on a dare and has been hooked ever since.

While working at a local triathlon store he was introduced to TotalCyclist and after a short period of being a TotalCyclist athlete, Jeremy started leading classes and for 5 years faithfully coached the 5 am sessions. Jeremy has since relocated and was unable to continue coaching the morning in-person classes. Jeremy has been a triathlon and running coach for several years and has had the pleasure of working with a diverse group of athletes. The majority of Jeremy's athletes continue to live in the Charlotte area and therefore Jeremy takes great pride in building relationships with his athletes that stand the test of time and distance. During his triathlon career, Jeremy has done countless Sprint and Olympic distance events, along with multiple 70.3s and several full Ironman distance races. He has also completed multiple stand alone half and full marathons, along with several marathon swims.

Jeremy lives in Greenville, SC with his wife Kimberly who is also a triathlete. When not training for an event, Jeremy loves to drink craft beer and go hiking.

Jeremy: “I am very excited about partnering as a coach with TotalCyclist. I am looking forward to helping all TotalCyclist athletes become the best version of themselves they can become.”

TotalCyclist Co-Owner Chad Andrews: “ Jeremy was a stand out Training Center Coach when he lived in Charlotte. He picked up the nuances of coach/athlete relationship while working at TotalCyclist Training Centers and through his own training and racing experience. We feel exceptionally happy to have Jeremy join our Personal Coaching Team!

TotalCyclist is your premier multi-sport training resource. We offer a variety of services that will make you a better, faster and smarter endurance athlete. We are very particular about “Creating Exceptional Experiences” through Wellness and Lifestyle enhancement. 

Contact: or 704.376.7006

Do NOT make these Summer mistakes


Don't let SUMMER get you.

5 tips:

  1. Don't do the same rides or runs with the same people each week. Yes, our sport is friendly, but doing the same thing every week will just make you "average"

  2. Hydrate, but don't OVER hydrate. Overhydration can lead to imbalances in your body.

  3. Know your "Sweat Loss" Here's a detailed one.

  4. Be careful on high sugar drinks that can actually make you MORE thirsty or upset your stomach!

  5. Train indoors! Why? You can control the environment better, control sweat loss and actually go harder during your intervals because core temp is stabilized!

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Look at Katko now!!!

Look at Katko now!!!

My road to recovery. I am learning The Why? for everything! Why am I craving chocolate? Why am I craving pizza? Is it because I am tired? Dehydrated? Need salt? Hungry? There is an answer to everything, it just has to be figured out. When I am tired I crave everything. I have learned that if I eat my healthy salad with pink salt and olive oil at lunch, my cravings will decrease or go away. So I need salt! when I am tired. If I am craving chocolate, I'm stressed.

Blackstock team wins Pisgah Stage race!

Blackstock team wins Pisgah Stage race!

The Pisgah Stage race is a 5 day timed stage race in the Pisgah National Forest. Pisgah has some of the most extreme, steep, technical, gnarly demanding singletrack in the country, oh, and it's in a rainforest. It's no joke, the climbing is brutally steep and you get zero rest on the descents that are equally as hard. You can't lose focus for a second, or you may end up like one of the teams that raced, walking your mountain bike out of the forest in two pieces!