Summer cycling: good or bad for you?

Well….it’s not really “BAD” for you but, studies have shown that if you aren’t prepared, you are looking for trouble.

The heat around the country is starting to build. Next week a good bit of the east coast will be in the 90’s! So what can you do to prepare. One obviously is to use a indoor training center like TotalCyclist. Why? There are several factors that come into play. One is obviously that it is cooler inside. Having a lower body temperature can allow you to optimally reach the efforts needed. Most cyclists who train outdoors in early season and mid season heat find heart lag. Training in the heat will also result in a reduced exercise intensity due to the increased thermal strain if you train a good bit in the heat. Think of it like a car that has a fifth gear, but the heat doesn’t allow the car to get into fifth!  

We all know to get acclimated for the heat is hugely important for the summer months. We all know that our sports are outdoor sports! However, It takes one to two weeks for the process to take place. Once the heat settles in for awhile, there are several ways to offset it. 1- Cold, cold water. 2- Cooling Vest 3- Frequent stops at gas stations :) 4- Ride once a week indoors.

What does riding indoors do for your summer training? It allows you to really tap into the hard efforts. Maximize training without worrying about heat related issues. Nothing more draining than suffering through 10 minute intervals in 95 degree heat. OOOPH>

Indoor training also adds variability to your training! Not the same Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday group ride! Variability is the key!

Stay cool my friends.


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