Look at Katko now!!!

My road to recovery. I am learning The Why? for everything! Why am I craving chocolate? Why am I craving pizza? Is it because I am tired? Dehydrated? Need salt? Hungry? There is an answer to everything, it just has to be figured out. When I am tired I crave everything. I have learned that if I eat my healthy salad with pink salt and olive oil at lunch, my cravings will decrease or go away. So I need salt! when I am tired. If I am craving chocolate, I'm stressed.
I get so tired of chewing and cooking. Meal prep takes some thought but makes the week easier! If I am tired of chewing it's time for a smoothie.
One day at work a former patient brought in a cookie cake that she made. It is her business. It smelled so good I could not help but eat two small bites. I had had it before when she was a patient so I knew it would be delicious. I was honest to my coach after the fact!! And I was asked WHY? My answer was I couldn't help it! I knew it was so good. It was an impulse. But I knew it was worth the calories. I will try not to eat on impulse again!
If I keep thinking of a cupcake, then I need to plan a time to have one at lunch time so there is plenty of time to walk and burn it off before bedtime. In the past,  I would go to baby showers and bridal showers just for the cake!! I knew a baby shower was coming up and all I could think of was the cake. So I asked my coach? Can I have the cake! Yes!! as long as it is not an impulse and I pre-plan the portion size.  I was so excited!!! The day of the shower I saw the box of cupcakes! :( They did not look near as good as what I had been dreaming of , and not worth the calories. I was so disappointed. Then coach gave me a new plan! On my next day off I could go to Whole Foods and get a carrot cupcake!! My FAVORITE!! And she went with me! It was heaven! I enjoyed it so much I forgot to take a picture of it. But it was so worth the wait. I can now look at food and determine if it is worth it or not. I try not to be impulsive, because that might mean I am tired, or dehydrated or need salt!
My recovery is not going as fast as I would like but is going as fast as is expected. I have lost 15 pounds and 4 1/2 inches at my waist. I am wearing clothes I never thought I would be comfortable to wear! I am happy, healthy and getting my strength back. I can not thank TotalCyclist enough for all their support, guidance and encouragement.
But I still need to get up Paris Mountain!