Racers in India - The different ways to the top


Cycling in India is being loved by commuters and racers alike. A lot of the population enjoys this way of fitness.

The road racing community is growing and a lot of riders look for various opportunities to make a living out of racing in India, only to fizzle out in the larger scheme of things as the sport is at a very growing stage in the country.

At first a child is introduced to the racing world through the inter-school national championships held in from the 8th grade (age 15). From this point the child either gets a coach or continues to train alone and tries their hand at the local racing scene and the National Championships. Once the riders have been exposed to the national level everyone looks out for a coach or a group to ride with.

A few senior riders and national champions have had the resources and opportunity to get international exposure and have had training and racing blocks in Belgium. They ride in Belgium in the summer from April to July before getting back to India for the racing season to start here. It’s been 6 Years since a group from India plans a block in Belgium every year. The most senior and most experienced members of the group have started an online cycling coaching service for Amature & Semi-pro racers. The progress of the athlete also mainly depends on asto how much of capital is available to the individual to make progress and provide for opportunities available to step foot international.