Winnicki joins TotalCyclist

Alex Winnicki joins TotalCyclist as Dietetics and Nutrition specialist:

Alex Winnicki, after a very successful venture as DivaCamp chef, joins the TotalCyclist staff. Alex was instrumental in making the DivaCamp menu a smashing hit. He prepared all the meals , tailored made for the endurance athlete. Clean, healthy and organic.

Alex will offer several different options:


Nutritional Consultation ($60 for an hour.)


  • Race / Workout performance fueling strategies, and recipes.

  • Recipe creation, questions and customization

(have a favorite dish you want customize? Don't know what to cook for holiday? Need ideas for new food items?)... you have a personal chef on standby ready to help!

  • General education on nutrition topics of your interest.

(followed up with a written researched backed summarization)

  • Cooking, Food Safety, Meal Prep Basics

Consult topics are 100% up to you! I’m happy to facilitate and educate at your discretion!

Monthly Subscription ($150)

Assess and establish your goals (performance nutrition, weight loss, cooking skills, general education, etc).

  • Determine your strengths and weaknesses around nutrition to prioritize our focus.

  • Implement strategies (meal planning, cooking basics, travel protocols, and fueling for performance, etc...) to ensure we achieve our goals.

  • Evaluate what worked, what didn't, and fine tune your program

accordingly to ensure success.

  • Weekly 1 hour consults, with unlimited email contact.

  • 3 weekly recipes curated to suit your taste and needs.

These are broken down into easy to follow, pdf formatted instructions.

  • Research backed information on nutrition topics, questions, and strategies of your interest. This information is summarized weekly in an understandable written format for your own personal reference.

The path you choose and the goal you set is your own. I’m here to ensure that along the way to achievement we create a lasting change, done in a healthy way, tailored to your lifestyle

Monthly Plus ($200) + cost of food 

- Everything you need to succeed from the monthly subscription, but includes personalized instacart shopping (where available).

- Think Blue Apron, but tailored to your goals and needs. I curate 4 weekly recipes to your taste preferences, and shop for you online to save you time as your food is delivered to your doorstep.

Instacart delivers groceries within a 2 hour window, and most deliveries are free if $35 of applicable food items are purchased.

“$35 min. order per retailer. Product selection and availability may vary by stores.” - Instacart

Starting new habits, and setting goals is difficult enough. To help facilitate these changes and help jumpstart your path to success, the Nutrition Plus plan offers a way to step up your nutrition game without sacrificing valuable time. Save that extra trip to the grocery store and spend more time doing the things you love!