They say that when you have the urge to achieve beyond and out do yourself it won’t let you sleep.

Well it’s the truth! I had a 5hr training ride scheduled this morning starting at 5.30am which didn’t quite happen. Last night after an early dinner I went to bed at 9.30pm to wake up fresh, early next morning. The hours past by one by one and before I know it it with 11.45pm leaving me with just 4 and a half hours of sleep. That is the point where I knew that the ride wasn’t going to happen.

While I layed in my bed twisting and turning, cycling was the only thing that was on my mind that wouldn’t let me sleep. It was one of those nights where all the negative stuff from past years till date was resonating in front of my eyes and making me stare only at all things that hadn’t gone my way.

It was a clear mirror reflecting all the work that we put in towards the National Championships 2018 was not enough leading me into a very difficult spot and making me doubt my capability and hard work. In many similar situations a lot of people decide to quit and move on with their life. Doing this is not very easy especially when you have been the best in the past and still believe that you have the capability to win.

2018 was the first time in mycarrier that I was not selectected on the stare team for the national championships. Getting over it is quite hard butI’m sure to be back as the riding continues!