Sunday Race on the block!


24th February 2019, Sunday was one of the early races held in the Indian cycling season.

When I arrived at the start line I immediately knew that it was going to be a fast race. Racers from all over the country, including multiple time national champions has shown up at 5.45am to win a shot at the Rs.50,000 on the top or the top 6.

The race was flagged off at 6.00am sharp in the dark and from the start itself the bunch was furious! I just happened to glance at my garmin in the first 5km reading 55km/hr that’s when I knew looking at the garmin for this one was not a good idea. While a lot of solo moves went off in the front of the 45 man race I was always in the top 10 of the bunch. at about 12km from the finish there as a solo move from a rider from the Indian Army team that went on to win the race from the 15 man team they had bought! Now the fight was up for 2nd to 6th.

In the last 7km I was on the wheel of 4X national road race champion riding from team Indian railways. The rush for the line started at 400mts from the finish and I ended up getting 5th overall. I was really happy to be in the official placing after a very long time and pulling it off with the lack of much riding early on in the season.

There was I small sense of satisfaction as I was in the placing but not only that… I was in the placing with the big boys who are going to be my competition at the national championships later on in the year. :)