All NEW! TotalCyclist has a new shine

Time has come. WE are trying to make your experience at TotalCyclist as easy and user friendly as possible. The time has come to update! We have enjoyed serving our clients since 2004….

1. Starting February 20th, TotalCyclist will have a NEW website with the same URL.

2. WE will be converting to a brand new management software (online booking, paying for services etc.) We have spent the better part of the past month importing the new data. WE don't feel there will be any hiccups, but...we may run across a couple.

You will be able to login via web: bookmark it!

3. WE will have a brand NEW CUSTOM branded app. FREE to download.

Total Cyclist on Android:

Total Cyclist on iOS:

4. WE will be offering NEW Podcasts and New Youtube content. The latest podcasts will be from Chad And Brad and TotalCyclist (Dealing with concussions: video, blog and podcast)

Go to our FACEBOOK page for more details or stay tuned via our blog!

If you have trouble or question email or call us 704.376.7006