Katko's Korner: Holiday Stress

The stress of the Holidays!

I have been at home on Short Term Disability after my back surgery, and I have had a fairly free schedule. I went to my parents home for five days at Christmas! My Mom always stresses about the menu with so many people at home and now I am being more particular about what I will eat and trying to make better choices. I didn’t want to add to her stress but it was adding to mine  Breakfast was easy because I made my own and my parents don’t eat much for breakfast,but lunch and dinner were difficult!

They tended to eat much later than I typically would. I did the best I could! I tried to avoid the potatoes and starches and have more vegetables, but even though I requested more veggies, extra were not made so I felt like I was taking someone else’s food. One lunch I just looked at it and said Oh Well! There were no good options and I had to eat. Once the majority of the family had gone home it was easier for me to make a big salad at lunch with some leftovers. It was very hard to resist my favorite Christmas cookies so I ate one to appease the craving.

I was able to get my walks in most days by getting up early, getting someone to walk with me and the dog at lunch and after dinner. One night I even got the whole family out on an after dinner walk. Everyone had fun looking at all the lights. Having family join me on my walks made them more exciting for me and my family. Lonnie my dog also got more exercise than he was used to  So a win for all!

Once home I had more control over what I ate and when I ate. Which was good! But my Birthday is two days after Christmas so that must be celebrated, Right?!  I did have chocolate cake with pistachio ice cream at Soby’s after my birthday dinner. Now I am relieved that all the celebrating is over and I can concentrate on me! If I am not around the temptations then I can hold strong, but I have no will power if I see the sweets. On a good note I did not gain any weight over the holidays and was mostly able to keep up with my exercise plan. Now that I am six weeks post op I am hoping to increase my activity a little more and go back to work!! Even though I thought I ate fairly healthy this has been a huge learning experience that I am embracing. Now my anxiety about what my exercise plan will be when I have to get up early for work

All of this is making me more accountable for me!