The Battle Between Heart and mind


It had just been a week training had resumed, when I got a job on an advertising film project as an AD. It was just a 5 day commitment. At the time I certainly thought I knew what I was getting into and figured I would balance out the training, racing and the job as cycling was always in the AM before the world woke up.

The shift started at 6am and I was immediately prepared to have a few days off the bike. The whole day passed on the shoot and the packup was called at 11.30pm with the call time of the next day being 7am. The new job was much harder than expected! At the end of day 2 I wanted to quit.

Other than the physical hard work there was a huge mental and emotional conflict between what I had to do VS what I really wanted to do. If life continued like this I would have to quit the racing in due course of time and on the other hand I had do something other than cycling to earn a basic living and afford the sport. Getting through the 5 days of work was really very tough because not riding my bike is all I could think of, waking up in the morning and riding my bike had been a routine I had been following for years.

After getting into a commitment like this one I certainly realised where my heart lies but the real concern is that for how long could I sustain the sport because of the basic expenses that cycling brings along with it.