Ashley McFeeley


Ashley lowered her a1c and much more

Favorite changes:
- a1c went from 9.7 to 6.8 consistently
- thyroid levels have gotten better
- weight dropped from 183 to 165 and still going

- texting pictures of my food definitely made me think twice about what I was eating
- focusing on small changes that create a healthier lifestyle instead of just big changes in a diet type of technique
- knowing you were on my team and not trying to push me to change how I ate and exercise but you were there to help me along the way to make it a lifestyle change
- flexibility in how Iā€™m exercising given that Iā€™m not the biggest fan of my bike šŸ˜‚
- starting and ending my day with at least a ten minute walk has been a hugeeee game changer for physical and mental health and most definitely blood sugar levels
- being able to use not only food but also exercise to manipulate my blood sugar levels

Thank you forever for your help <3 comparing pictures from before I started working with you to recent ones was honestly so nice to be able to side by side compare the changes that have occurred.


Ooh more lab changes. Just found where I wrote it down šŸ˜Š dropped 6 units of long acting insulin and Iā€™m on a lot less short acting also. And the more accurate and better looking change in a1c was 10.1 to 6.8